What we Do ?

If you are the BLANK , We’re the FILL.

Let’s meet ! If you are having any of the below mentioned issues in your life :

  1. You are a Parent AND want to give your child a Clarity on his future.
  2. You want your child to Succeed in life by getting skills like Critical Thinking, Creativity , Problem Solving , Decision Making ,Self Awareness (21st Century skills as mentioned by WHO and Central Board of Secondary Education,I.B and I.C.S.E board.)
  3. Think Studio is a Annual Membership Programme . This ensures we don’t give lip service to anyone.Our follow up is ONLY of its kind that makes sure your child gets year long support to learn skills mentioned above.
  4. We don’t want your kids to make USELESS things in the name of Science projects or other things which have no practical utility today.We make sure each of our participant gets the LATEST hands on experience on Science , Social Science and Math.
  5. We have a dynamic curriculum . We change it every 6 months as we constantly scan the corporate world expectations.
  6. We evaluate the progress of each and every student by matching his “Intelligence Data with the Academic and other relevant performance areas and same is communicated to the concerned stakeholders ( Parents,Teachers,Student).


Our usual and Routine Training:

Think Studio imparts knowledge through participation. We have ZERO tolerance for Negative ways of correcting an individual. We always focus on the bright side of every child.Students are encouraged to do GD, Presentations and are always ensured that its okay to be WRONG.

* THINK STUDIO is an Annual Membership Programme and is Privileged and Exclusive Initiative .We reserve the right to grant access to this programme basis our Internal Policy.

** Our DMIT consulting is not to be confused with THINK STUDIO. Consulting service is usually given for one time only.

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