Critical Thinking & Creativity

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The Flagship Project by Think Studio.

This is much talked about and least understood concepts in the social circles today and like everything else , Google is full of many kinds of opinions on this matter. All big educational houses are claiming to impart this in their students and teachers. To check this we worked and interviewed some 50 teachers and close to 400 students as to what do they understand by Critical Thinking.

Our Findings are :

  1. Critical thinking is about finding negative points in something (75% respondents )

  2. Critical thinking is about looking at things from all possible angles (10% respondents)

  3. Critical thinking is thinking when situation goes out of control (5% respondents)

  4. Critical thinking is being creative (10% respondents).

This is irony since, we can understand the misconception amongst students but here we found that even teachers have no idea what this means.

One of the compelling reasons for situation to be so bleak is that , though in theory there are many books and sites talking about this, we actually don’t relate to it due to our own underlying assumptions and teachers are anyways still finding ways to deal with Bloom’s Taxonomy , so thinking about this new way of thinking is pain again.

Think Studio adopts a unique method for imparting this in students.We don’t come to your school in fancy suits and pleated dresses and deliver some power point presentations to your teachers and students and then walk away with fat check.

We deliver by enterprise.Its a year of at least 6 months duration live classes. These classes are intellectually stimulating and attention riveting content is delivered to students with the combination of activities.Students gradually climb the hill with us.

We take proud in sharing our achievement with you all that within 2 months of classes , students learn to produce creative results and feel actively engaged with otherwise tags boring subjects like Math and science.

Contact us for more information on this.

Think Studio


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