We help students make a better career , through our unique learning programs. We work with schools to deliver Life skills and align Mathematics and Science with real life. Our main focus is on class 5 till 10th.

1- How to remove rote learning for students?

2-We specialize in enhancing conceptual clarity in mathmatics and science.

3- Lowest cost programs to help Indian parents.

4- We only hire engineers and MBA’s for delivering our content to students.

5- We have relations with following organizations :

a) MIT Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


c) Lazlo Institute of New Paradigm Research

d) CODE.Org

e) EFK by Mckinsey & Co,

f) TISS (TATA Institute of Social Sciences)

Research Projects

Our research projects involve following:

1-Social Media Analysis

2- Social Alchemy Project #CodeaMillionaire at Chandighat ,Haridwar in collaboration with Shiv Shakti Sewa Samiti (NGO), Divya Prem Sewa Mission (NGO),

3- Social Sentiment Analysis – using Rapidminer.

4- Advanced Lexicon Analysis and Predicting learning outcome for school students.

spread awareness about this and we hope to get your helping hand in this .

Help fight stupidity , hypocrisy and double standards prevalent in our society today and help us educate the young minds on CRITICAL THINKING and BETTER DECISION MAKING.


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Abhishek Vidyarthi