India-Beyond Arguments

We were labelled as land of snake charmers by some wise men. I grew up in a small town of haridwar and it being a tourist city due to holy Ganges , got the chance to interact with lot of foreigners while I was in my teens.

There was time when I would see them taking snaps of “Cow” roaming on the street , I used to ask them what’s so special about Cows and they would say in our country we don’t get to see such sharing of public places by cows and monkeys.

Being Hindu was not about majority or minority and I used to share good rapport with Khan uncle ..Eid was just another day for us when we would gather and share the Sevian. Then Me and my friend both went to Delhi to pursue higher education as we both wanted to know the world. We learned how JNU was a political place and how opinions on matters like Kashmiri pandits, Marxism and social justice were common around the campus.

We grew up with all these borrowed wisdom from highly intellectual people with lot of exposure and international recognition and wayback then it was good practice and matter of pride for us to argue with our less informed friends on these issues , as we were growing up Saddam Hussain was tortured to death under the garb of Weapons of Mass destruction , We saw huge unrest in the country during Kargil and how entire nation applauded Barkha Dutt. Those days are over now.

Now we have morphed into something unrecognizable. India changed so much in the last 10 years , we were witnessing the huge moment at Jantar Mantar for Lokpal Bill and then how Kejriwal became the Chief Minister of Delhi. Nothing changed much as far as political scenario of India is concerned from Mandal Aayog wayback  to the Sabke Saath Sabka Vikas.  People faced marginalised leadership during Mr.Manmohan Singh and were baffled with his indecision and India was getting younger day by day . Lot of young students with easy access to cellphones could read and spread views about anything.

India’s social architecture has changed in more than one ways. Now there is a compelling sense of “Arguing” amongst people so we have a perpetual argument going on in our country be it quality of food for BSF jawan, School fee hike, Slaughter, Women entry in shrines, Currency ban , who is honest and who is not, who is “Deshbhakt” and who is “Gaddar.

To add on to this we have Dharmgurus who proclaim India will become “World Power by so and so year and people rhetorically chant “Bharat Mata ki jai” and VandeMatram. This was not the India that my grandfather used to talk about.

I grew up listening the stories of great warriors and great doers …of status like Rana Pratap Singh, Nanak ji ..Vivekanand..all of them didn’t have access to social media yet they created an unprecedented followership. I think it was a different leadership style. These leaders had patience and today politics and business both have lost this virtue.

This is the era of fast and big. We all are in for a race where we want to be big, make big impact in small  time and if you see in nature anything happens right but it takes its own sweet time. So what is the definition of “Right thing” today?

Is doing the Right Thing means quick results , even if in the long run its counter productive. Have we emerged as nation who has consensus on basic issues? Why today we don’t have undivided opinion on our Army men? Why it was so tough for BCCI to say NO to match today with pakistan? These are not simple questions .These are questions that predict our fate.

India must wake up from slumber and realise that mere arguments would never take us anywhere. Earlier our kings of small states were fighting physically with their little armies today our states are fighting intellectual battle , but result would not be what any sane indian would like to see.

So, next time you see a argument , think again…is it going to help your country ? or it would be better if you just “Do your own job at hand” and ignore these baseless arguments .


Arguably Yours



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