Classrooms Are Next Big battleground for Tech companies

We have seen it all from under the trees classrooms to the proud display of boards outside every school in the city , displaying Smart classes and all..

Times have changed rapidly , till we are not even comfortable with the concept of Smart classrooms and both parents and students are still chewing this gimmick , as if it was not enough we have another thing hitting the education world.

Microsoft’s event from two days ago was a massive shift in strategy compared to previous events. While the market has been quite used to seeing new consumer products being shown off, the company surprised pretty much everyone with their increased focus on the classroom.

Sure, this was along expected lines as the event was titled Microsoft EDU, but we didn’t quite know the extent to which the company will take this agenda forward.

In the past, we’ve seen companies like Google and Apple focusing on the classroom, while Microsoft was pretty much behind the eight ball. This has changed with the announcement of multiple student-focused initiatives like Code Builder and Minecraft Education Edition.

Will Microsoft succeed?

This will give a head start to the students across the globe in the field of coding. Given how important coding has become in our time, it’s no wonder that companies want to start straight from school. Apple’s Swift Playgrounds program serves a similar purpose, giving kids a head start in the world of iOS coding.

All these things considered, it seems like the battleground has firmly been shifted on to the classroom for these tech giants.

While Google has also focused on getting kids on board the idea of coding, the company’s Chromebooks have taken center stage in the field of education. A report suggested that Chromebooks accounted for 58% of all mobile device shipments among K-12 schools (kindergarten to 12th grade).

While Microsoft’s new Surface Laptop is not exactly meant for education, the company will offer subsidized versions of Windows 10 S notebooks to schools at a nominal rate of $189 (Rs 12,100 approx).

Think Studio is working aggressively in Uttrakhand India to promote this ultra new concept of coding to students as young as class 3 . The response of students has been phenomenal and its a new sign to us that given the right infrastructure our students can also produce amazing results , check out our students work in coding in various platforms like SCRATCH, CODE.Org, EFK, CODE MONKEY etc.

Government of India is looking at this juncture how to infuse ICT education to all state schools. At Think Studio we are working to promote innovation at grass root level, its a new concept and we are hopeful slowly parents, teachers and students will embrace this new reality.

Think Studio Captive Research.


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