Interview with Cow!

Think Studio at times cant think straight for more than few minutes during some special history changing moments , last 100 days or so have been like this . We got in fact you got lot of Latest news , like Yogi became the new CM, Pakistan again broke the line of control.. some MLA hit someone over toll for some big issue of national security.. but between all this our correspondent who usually gets all information from google and whatsapp decided to leap out of his office and for a change speak to some lesser mortal..

Luckily he got the chance to speak to Gauri. Yes Gauri is a COW by birth as our journalist had the ability to understand what cows think and speak here is the transcript of interview.

Journalist : Your new product Gonail is doing pretty good in the  market , what is your comment on this ?

Gauri: yes i mean the guys are doing pretty well and i mean lot of hardwork finally paid off , its summer now and we have to like always keep the supply on , we would speak to government to supply more water for us , lets see if they can arrange some train like last year for water shortage !

Journalist: We have heard that government is thinking of making some national forest for cows where they can have good time , no tigers no slaughter houses?

Gauri: Well i don’t have any official knowledge of this , we have faith in our country and recently some decisions were made which have been welcomed by our entire fraternity and if we get “Quota” like you are saying we would welcome it,but at the same time we would like officials to work in the interest of Monkeys as they had contributed a lot in the “Ram Setu”.

Journalist: Mam , scientists say they are not sure about the existence of “Ram-Setu”?

Gauri: What if I say saints are scientists?

Journalist: But they don’t have any recognized degrees or any affiliation neither they can prove anything?

Gauri: Its strange how you guys look at all this..they said we have gold ions in our milk , scientists called it bullshit , now they say its true. We have faith , lets wait and see.

Journalist : How do you look at other cows from other country, who are not “DESI”?

Gauri: I personally think diversity in colour, thoughts etc are integral part of evolution and must be accepted, all cows are just cows , if they are result of natural progeny, I can recall the fate of “Dolly” who was genetically engineered. Man must stop this stupid experiment.

Journalist: There is a chance we can make a super genius man or a cow who could speak english like us ?

Gauri : Why don’t scientist create humans who can lactate like us , this will solve the problem of low milk production and we will live peacefully , No child will remain without milk !

Journalist : I have heard that “Cows association ” is filling a suit in the court stating that , since our milk is being sold by big corporates , all cows concerned must be given fair compensation like , clean and healthy shelters, proper medical care , quality bhusa and all,,,

Gauri: If someone is making money due to our product, its only fair to expect this, else this is exploitation.


Journalist : Well it was really nice of you to speak to us so boldly on this , we hope your long struggle to be respected must be honored by one and all. You have served mankind for a very long time and it’s time we realize this harsh reality , western outlook of looking at Cattles, animals as a way to produce MEAT is both inhuman and cynical and must be condemned by all Indians.

We are Aryans and our anscestors have worshipped both the animate and inanimate things.

Next time you see a COW , just imagine how you can show your love to her. A pat of love on her back will serve a good purpose, we must understand that without her milk most of us would look under nourished, those who want to kill the same who fed them have many adjectives in all the languages and they can fill in the blanks themselves.

– RisingAbhi


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