Spark in the dark

“You’re so Monday for me.” I quoted with some concealed neat vibes I had for him. All of it

I added further to make him sound not so important for me was an intentional lie. Little did he knew what I had in depth of my heart, which started grooming each passing second.

He believed what I said, the part of me I allowed him….. to see through my shattered pieces. I ruined his excitement, curiosity and everything that could have played the best in turning it out to be our very first date.

It’s not just me, it’s many & many of us who does this. We do like others, admire them, keep getting fascinated by them by either means-the outer appearances or the inner one but we do hesistate, we hesistate to put  ourselves, we hesistate to play the prime mover in the second person’s life.

But why do we do this? As simple as that. It’s either our ego hinging us or the introvert nature that hinders us. We are so capsized that even if the person walks to us, we either end up doing too good or something too embarrassing . Except in my case, I ended up being rude & I actually couldn’t quote whether it was the introvert me or the egomaniac me.

I had this girl from my junior college, to be very frank it’s been a month or two that I have followed her back on Instagram (I didn’t liked her much in the past for all the gossips I’ve got to hear) & I wanted to do it from past fourteen months but look how egomaniac I have been for all these months that I missed out all the good posts of her.

I remember reading a post of her that says, “It’s not easy though to accept that we’re beautiful because many people still put beauty into a confining narrow box.” And trust me, I’ve fallen for it. It wasn’t just the post but along with it, the pictures she posted, I don’t find her dark and plump, instead I find how real and extrovert she is. She’s fabulous I say. ( I ain’t bisexual XD) There is something we all like about the person of the same gender or the opposite, but we do roll back, like why? Just not to surrender our ego? Interesting! Isn’t it?

Trust me, you never know how your words could help a person get better or how much it could help them to even come out of a trauma they might be in.

We are a jar filled with fireflies. All we need is to let this spark out and set the world on of happiness, fire of humanity, fire of belief that we can change the world for good. I’m running in losses now being missed three dates in a row. I hope you don’t. :*



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