What After 10th & 12th ?

Class X exams are over and most of the students are waiting for the results soon to be out , this time of the life both parents and students are worried about what subject to pursue once they enroll for the 11th Standard.

It would be apt to mention here that the main factors that decide your future course of action are largely decided by following factors:

  1. Family Background
  2. Parent’s Educational Qualification
  3. Your Exposure
  4. Your Friend Circle
  5. Your Ability and Your Ambition
  6. Your School Choice and Level of Education in that school.

We are going to give you a guide on how to decide your subject , As far as our experience in counselling suggests this decision must be taken by the student basis his/her ability more than anything else. The only problem is that since 10th standard whatever you understand by Mathmatics or science is way too easy than what it becomes once you enter the senior classes and due to this reason most of the choosers of Science stream find it more difficult to cope with the suddent depth in these subjects.

Another most heard logic while selecting the Subject is that Science field opens a lot of options for the students as all the competitive exams for various governement positions need one to have to good verbal and logical intelligence.

This is not true in today’s context, 21st century skills are more sought after by the employers than plain logic and careers requiring knowledge and passion about various other fields is more helpful today than ever before. Our second argument is no one should attempt to ┬ámake a career simply on the basis of Package or Power. Which are usually projected by most of the parents as the prime reason for choosing the career.

Career or office is a place where you would like to go even on mondays and it should not be the place where you dont want to spend you time.

We dont want to talk about the redundant factors highlighted above. We believe that one must work in the field where one is comfortable and enjoys that work, there is no point in artificially fighting for something as in the end you will find that in any field , your growth propect only depends on your performance and when you have chosen a field simply because of package , you wont be able to beat the person who chose that career out of passion.

Reflect on the chart below for some quick reference on the career.

ThinkStudio_career guideXthThinkStudio_careerguide

We hope this will prove helpful to you.

Think Studio


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