Are We Different?

Newton was first to notice that what attracts apple to the ground when it fell from a tree and he discovered the force of gravitation. He was different from others before that no one had ever noticed that why apple falls down. After he discovered gravity, he was known in the whole world and his discoveries are taught in every school. There are many such examples that only different people are known to the world and others have the job of only appreciating them.

If people were not different, then we were not living in an urban civilization and we would not be getting any advanced facilities today. This is only due to different people that we are living in an urban life they thought to change the village life. Only due to some great thinkers languages developed and because of them we are able to communicate and before that the people used to communicate using sign languages or painting which was not appropriate method of communication even I would not be writing this essay!

In today’s competitive life, being different is a necessity of every human being. But being different is not everyone’s cup of tea. Not everyone succeeds in being different. Those who do not succeed, they just think that what wrong they have done in their life and their whole life passes by thinking this. They could not think anything except that what wrong they have done. In today’s scenario it is true that if the people will not be different, then they will not think beyond their limits and they will lag behind. Other reason for being different is increasing population. We know that population is increasing and the new ideas are born every day, so if we will think commonly, our ideas will not be given much attention. The god treats all of us equally and he has given all of us equal brains but some use it more and some use it less or very less and the use of brain makes us different from others.

Being different not only depends upon the brains, it also depends upon the region or religion. Some regions and religion are common but why? The answer is that some regions and religions have rituals and beliefs which are not interesting but some have uncommon rituals and beliefs and they are known to the world. I always feel proud that I am an Indian and my religion is Hinduism. India and Hinduism are different because the mythology and culture of India are very different and unique in the world. India also gave the concept of zero, approximate value of pie (the unit which is used to deal with the circles in mathematics). India has a very rich culture and if I would be writing about India, then I think that this space would be less. Every Indian feels proud of its country and makes it different from rest of the world.

Being different also depends upon the clothing and appearance of ourself. If we will wear different then we will be noticed everywhere and we are given more attention than others. But this difference is not as important but we should be concerned about it. Our personality is also a factor which makes us different and we should work upon it to be different.

There are many other factors which make us different from others. Our childhood experience is one of such factor. If since childhood we are concerned about ourselves and we develop new ideas, then the whole world would be waiting for our new and different ideas. We will be known as a different person in the world.

According to mythology, the god has made us human being according to our previous life. If we have done something different in our previous life only then the almighty makes us human being, which is believed to be the most important species of the earth. Now we know that why being different is important part of our life. We have to choose now whether we should be different or a mere follower of a different person. So live different, think different, speak different only then you will get success.

~ Mukund Gupta BML Munjal Green Medows School.

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