Love reborn 

Love reborn.

I opened all my love scribbled diaries and searched for the same love again.

Poor me ! Same feeling, same love, only the goosebumps were pending. I resisted alot not to fall in love again.

It feels like a decade that I haven’t got the same love.

But it didn’t help. The more I ignore such thoughts, the more strongly I feel for him.

I couldn’t emote my feelings here.

It’s been months that our roads didn’t cross. Still, I long for his to collide mine & let all those feelings come out, at least for once. We do pass through same corridors, same doors, same steps, still our entries and exits were never the same.

I have been listening to atif aslam’s melodies lately. More than a lot it made me tremble all over again. Same thoughts have ruled all over me. I could have written a good book fairy tale out of them. Of all the roses I knew, it was the best. These feelings quite resembled the prior.

Wasn’t this perfection there in the Dead beautiful series, or I picked it from my overruling  fantasies. I was quite specific with all the male epitomes of beauty around. Though  his equally manicured heart so as  his hands were something driving me more closer towards that feel.

I’m dying minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, desperately longing for someone to hold me for long. I really am losing control on self. I’m finding ways to be busy, still there’s a lot of spare time to let such feelings block the other.

Okay. So, I have fallen for him. I’m desperate about us being together. I have fallen for his really annoying talks, possesive nature and everything. I’m rather behaving inexplicably these days than my month end days.

His invisible soul kissed me like I have never been before.

It’s been few days that he expressed his love for me, it quite resembled those of Nikita singh’s novels, execpt one thing, here he confessed via text message, which I personally don’t appreciate much. I’ve always believed in confessing in person. I know it needs a lot of guts to stand right in front of that person with all that goosebumps adding victory to your already nervous look.

But then, if you’re to live with a person all life long, you have to overcome all of your fears and screwing your nervousness you should look straight into that person’s eye and confess all out.

Now, this makes a sense. This shows your courage to be with that person. Years back I did that too. I was in a halfway of getting rejected and then his sympathy saved me. (Maybe). I still have no regrets.

Trust me, the feeling of love alone is so beautiful, though you lose your control over your emotions, guess being a part of such feeling is just jawdropping.

Million years to go. (:

Hope you find one. :*


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