One day you wake up and realise that you don’t know which date, month ,year ,century or millenium you are living. Then how will you react? In this story, a man, after waking up realises that he lost everything in his life.


“Umm, where the hell am I “,shouted Rutherfort.

Listening his voice, his friend Arthur Williams came and he was surprised to see his friend in consious state. He cried, ” Alas you wake up thank you god very much.” Rutherfort said,”So what, everyone wakes up after a lovely sleep.”

Williams said angrily,”You did’nt had any lovely sleep. You were sleeping from last 15 years!””15 years! are you joking?”,asked Rutherfort.

“I am not joking see yourselves how you are looking.””Rutherfort observes himself in mirror he notices that he is looking very old.”Oh! is that me?”

“Yes, that’s what I am saying you slept for 15 years and you are now 75”, said Arthur.

“But what happened to me that I slept for 15 years ?”

“Oh! don’t tell me that you don’t know”,said Arthur.


15 years earlier

Mark Rutherfort was a rich and well reputed man. He was too much busy in his work as he was money addicted. He used to work day and night and sleeps rarely for an hour. It sounds weird but it’s true. He was a businessman and lived with his wife and two childern. His parents died due to an accident 5 years ago. His wife and friends always suggest him to work in a limit and take adaquate rest but Rutherfort didn’t listen to them.


 It was winter evening. Rutherfort was counting his money and suddenly fell on the floor. His wife was shocked seeing him on the floor. She immediately called Dr. Hallam, who knows Rutherfort well. When Dr. Hallam examined Rutherfort, he realised that Rutherfort is sleeping but when he tried to wake him up, Rutherfort didn’t wake. Hallam was confused that why Rutherfort is sleeping too deeply. Then he suddenly remembered a medical case in which a person was asleep for 5 days. So he thought that Rutherfort is suffering from the same. He explained the condition of Rutherfort to his wife and said,” I am sending my assistant with some syringes of glucose. My assistant will give doses to Rutherfort as required.The glucose which I will send is a special kind of glucose which will act as food for him until he wakes up.”

The assistant gave regular doses of glucose to Rutherfort for 3 days and in the fourth day, Dr. Hallam came to see Rutherfort’s condition. Dr. Hallam was sure that Rutherfort is sleeping so he ordered his assistant to give him doses until we wakes up. Rutherfort’s wife was very worried about him. She called his friend Arthur Williams to explain Rutherfort’s condition. Arthur William was a very close friend of Rutherfort.

Time flew but Rutherfort didn’t woke. His sons grew and married. His wife died of asthma. Dr. Hallam kept on coming to see Rutherfort’s condition. Hallam also knew about Arthur, so he took Rutherfort to Arthur’s home because his sons were not taking proper care of him.



“Actually you………………..”, Arthur explained all the happening to Rutherfort that took 15 years back.

” Wait a minute, I must call doctor.”

Doctor entered Arthur’s house. Doctor was shocked. He never saw a person who is alive after sleeping 15 years.” Dr. Hallam is that you?” Questioned Rutherfort.


“You are looking very changed”

“Please don’t joke you are meeting me after 15 years and it’s obvious that a person changes after times.”

“Ya you’re right.”


Arthur said,” Daily I changed your clothes and made you bath. It was very difficult job for me to do that.”

“I am sorry Arthur”, said Rutherfort.

“You are the first person to sleep for 15 years so I named this medical condition as ‘Rutherexia’, is that ok ?”,asked Hallam.

” Yes”, replied Rutherfort.

“I want to see my children, where are they”, said Rutherfort.

“They are no more, your children and grandchildren died due to an accident”, said Arthur sorrowfully.

Arthur made understand Rutherfort that he lost everything in his life because of only is fault.


Rutherfort lost his most valuable 15 years. In those 15 years, other people enjoy with their family— children, grandchildren, wife. But Rutherfort was asleep in those 15 years. Although he was rich but he can’t live his life happily. He kept on working and he crossed the limit of working and he was too fatigued that he slept for 15 years! Although this is a fiction but it can happen in real life if we don’t care about our health.

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– Mukund Gupta is a passionate young lad with flair for writing and loves to think out of the box. He is student at BML Munjal Green Medows School.


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