U Curve Of Happiness And Parenting

Sudden display of rebellious  attitude by teenager is not a new thing. If I were to talk about parenting and rate the understanding of Indian parents as far as this thing is concerned , I would say most of them are literally bleeding .

We have a rather rigid attitude of parents towards teenagers , if you are Boy you are asked about studies all the time and if you are a girl you are not given any freedom. Mentioned below are some of the most common restrictions imposed by parents on teenagers .

  1. No Cellphones.
  2. No favorite TV shows.
  3. No loud music.
  4. No friendship with opposite sex.
  5. No privacy . Parents keep checking your room late night, all of a sudden !!
  6. No arguments. This one is killer . You are even deprived of your views once you turn teen!
  7. Your grandparents if they live with you , stop protecting you now.
  8. No spending on clothes, movies , outdoor trips .

I am sure some of them would not apply to you and some might be missing here, feel free to add them.

We need to look at this relationship between parents and teenagers from a more holistic point of view . Age is a big player in this game. you turn 13 and probably your parents have crossed 40 . This means they were approx 27 at your birth.

As most of you are turning younger your parents are in the no mans land .They cant call  themselves  old but they don’t feel young either.Now they are more health conscious and doctors advise is being taken more seriously than ever before.Getting up early is now a routine, sudden interest in prices of groceries, watching more of news channel .

On the other hand you want loud music, action , romance, Sudden passion for bikes, guitars and desire to look admirable. FB is your best friend, posting selfie is a ritual and dreaming is favorite pastime activity.Friends are closer to you than ever before.

Understanding Parents Objectively

This is first of its kind article where the focus of establishing healthy relationship between parents and teenagers will be looked at from a completely new angle.I am sure you will love this new approach and it will help you come across as more reasonable in your demands in front of your parent.

Parents Face Mid Life Crisis : U Curve Of Happiness

Research has shown that human life goes through U Curve when it comes to happiness!!


Did you notice the face at the bottom of the curve ? This is where most of our parents are. For those of us who don’t know what this means ….

midlife crisis
noun: midlife crisis; plural noun: midlife crises
  1. a loss of self-confidence and feeling of anxiety or disappointment that can occur in early middle age.
    A midlife crisis is a transition of identity and self-confidence that can occur in middle aged individuals. It is a psychological and behavioral observation that commonly occurs with individuals between the ages 45–64.[1][2][3][4] Its observations differ in a diverse manner for each individual. While some individuals may experience feelings of depression, remorse, and anxiety, others may experience feelings such as the desire to achieve youthfulness or make drastic changes to their current lifestyle or atmosphere.

    The condition may occur from the ages of 45-64[1][2][3] Mid-life crises last about 3–10 years in men and 2–5 years in women. A mid-life crisis could be caused by aging itself, or aging in combination with changes, problems, or regrets over:

    • work or career (or lack thereof)
    • spousal relationships (or lack thereof)
    • maturation of children (or lack of children)
    • aging or death of parents
    • physical changes associated with aging

    Now I am not expecting you to understand all that has been said above, but I surely think that making a healthy relations with parents is just as much a job of teenagers as it is of parents.

    That said, Its usually observed that in the name of being understanding and considerate only parents are accused by many teenagers. In our world at Think Studio we have achieved phenomenal success by introducing this paradigm shift in the minds of teenagers. I hope that this article will prove helpful to most of the students and I find it reasonable since in any negotiation , both the parties need to work to solve the issues.

    Most of the problems in our homes are actually small problems and can be easily removed by using this well informed approach,hope this will result in good and happy families !!

    ~Rising Abhi



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