The Life Of A DJ

downloadIt was late night  for most of the habitants of Gurugram , yet the musical fever was on the high in the disc at DT.Dim lit room was filled with smoke and air was all musky mixed with perfumes and liquor. Occassional sounds of hysterical young workforce thumping on the latest tracks and apt demonstration of brotherhood by fellow co workers is a sight to behold.

Raghav, Is a DJ here and has been playing latest tracks at this most happening disc in the city. While I was enjoying my cocktails something struck me like a yellow school bus. What a strange sight this is , one person is busy in looking for the best track and mixing it pretty well with the emotional state of the crowd and a sea of humanity here is busy in absorbing the sound waves , and these powerful JBL speakers are like pumping blood tonight, bartender is serving booze to both the young crowd and the varnished floor below was also enjoying the frequent shower of booze from the shaking hands. Neon lights and strange shadows on the wall , love , passion, joy all thinly levitating in the air , smell of tikkas , peanuts some what satisfying the not so hungry people.

Anyways , this is about Raghav, We both know eachother for the last 4 years now he had a girlfriend Gayatri and as far as I remember she was small town girl with big dreams and was working as accounts manager in the advertising company , Raghav on the other hand is a Engineer from Delhi College Of Engineering, their first meeting happened when Gayatri visited this disc with me on a official party , I still recall how this all started , Play some punjabi music she yelled and Raghav ignored the request as he was playing 50 Cents.

Soon Gayatri jumped over the counter and she whispered it into his ears something and then Raghav played “Abhi tu party shuru hui  hai”….Her behavior was unexpected for me but now i know what music does, It kills your inhibitions.That night while dropping her back I noticed she constantly was putting phone on silent mode as someone calling her back to back ! two days later Raghav said to me ” I love her”.

So this was the beginning of another love story in my professional life. Not mine though. Both me and Raghav share only two things in common, one is music and other is meditation.Its interesting to find how two seemingly opposite things when merge create something amazing. On Dec 28th 2014 Gayatri met with the road accident while driving back from the disc she was high.My visits to the disc had gone down untill recently when I switched my job and again same place but new faces except one…Raghav.

This evening I couldn’t stop myself from asking him, How on earth can you play music and just be as good as ever when you have lost your love? It was 4.30 AM and he said lets go out and both of us were sitting on a railing outside, call center cabs were passing occasionally raising some dust and a whiff of cool air. He lit cigarette and then after some puffs he started gazing at the stars ..and said, Its not that I don’t miss her. The point is that each evening I see someone going mad at someone and I see how love blossoms when I play some groovy tracks. He added , I think I am the catalyst, I don’t create love by music but I surely make two hearts leave their inhibitions and say “I love you”.

That’s my job.To make people forget everything and get lost in the small moment. I give them experience through my creativity and nothing is soothing than to help happiness prosper, I have seen disagreements getting dissolved, I have seen how breakups end up in patch up! This is not normal. You know when I stand there I forget everything I become pure energy and fuses with the moment.

These are less understood words . So next time you go to a disc think about it.Behind some groovy tracks is pulsing heart and all that looks hysterical has lot more substance to it than just plain “Spirit”.

He then said “Chal yaar Gotta go , I will create some more love tomorrow!



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