Little Known Shocking Game Behind Set Top Boxes!

Here is an interesting syllogism – You go to a restaurant and order your favorite food and once you have placed the order you patiently wait for your meal to arrive. Now what you get is half bread, a little bit of your favorite dish lets say kadhai paneer and favorite Indian dish dal makhani which is only 2 spoonful and waiter asks you to start and you are like what …the hell ? where is my full order and he tells you we will come to you after a quick break of 5 minutes don’t go away and you start eating in 1 min your bread is finished and now you are looking at other people who are saving same exciting time !!

The whole idea of consuming a service is liquidated by the element of interruption. There are few things which are best enjoyed without interruption like a kiss. Now if there are many distractions in the way you are not going to like it at all.

This is kind of weird thought to begin with. Here is my argument if we can choose what to buy why we cant choose what to watch when it comes to advertising ?

I want you to reflect on your time when you watch something on your newly bought LED TV for which you paid pretty good amount and then you also pay each month some charges for the favorite TV shows and sports , movies etc. What you actually get is not what you actually pay for, We all end up paying money not only that we end up wasting our time in watching useless advertisements over the TV each day and that’s not all. You even watch ads that are meant to irritate you and the worst part is now each TV channel has same times lot for advertising so even  if you switch channels you will still find the ads in other channels so you are like helpless consumer who is made to sit and patiently watch them till the time your favorite thing comes back. Well this was on the consumption part of content in the conventional media (TV).

It’s not that major production houses and ad agencies are not aware of this boiling emotion in the minds of ordinary people like you and me , presented below are some cold facts adducing the same. As brands shift more of their spending to the Web where ads are more precise, the TV industry is pushing back.

The Game Behind Set Top Boxes

Ever wonder why our government is so keen about setting up set top boxes in every household? The answer is this will lead to customized ads by companies.

A Easy Scenario : Ram Das lives in Kolkota and he is retired army officer with love for latest news and cooking fish and traveling to remote places on country and his Set Top Box usually runs on Frequencies of channels which are mostly showing this kind of program, now at the back end this DATA of frequency along with proper time stamp and duration is getting stored , so a clever advertising will Target Ram Das with somewhat Ads like mentioned below:

  1. Olive Oil
  2. Luggage Bag
  3. Air Lines with Offers
  4. Fresh Food
  5. Health and Insurance ( As His Age is captured now by the Smart card!)

This is only directional but you can get the idea , now the likelihood of Ram Das getting irritated is much less as he is finding things which are relevant for him and he will watch same amount of TV but with better interest .

Using data from cable set-top boxes that track TV viewing, credit cards and other sources, media companies including Comcast Corp.’s NBCUniversal, Time Warner Inc.’sTurner and Viacom Inc. are trying to compete with Web giants like Google Inc. and Facebook Inc. and help marketers target their messages to the right audience.

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“TV has to move in this direction,” said Brad Adgate, head of research for the media-buying firm Horizon Media. “There’s a lot of concern about dollars migrating to digital from television. This is a way for TV to keep pace.”Targeted advertising is a big change for the TV industry, which for many years has sold commercial time based on broad demographics provided by Nielsen such as “18 to 49 year-old women.” The Internet, meanwhile, can track Web users’ every move online and sell that data to marketers so they can get their messages in front of more narrowly defined audiences.

As a result, advertisers have been shifting their spending to the Web. In the U.S., television ad revenue is estimated to drop 3.5 percent to $63.3 billion this year, while digital ad revenue will grow 17 percent to $57.7 billion, according to Magna Global. Advertisers will spend more on digital advertising than on TV advertising by 2017, the firm said.


NBC is using cable set-top box data from parent company Comcast Corp., along with credit card data, automobile data and other sources, to tell advertisers which network, and even which program on that network, is more likely to include their target audience.

NBC is giving advertisers “very targeted and unique capabilities that are much more like what advertisers get when they go to Facebook,” Burke said Sept. 9 at a media conference.

The Logic is Simple :If your company sells dog food, “why advertise to cat owners when now you can only advertise to dog owners?”

In future our governments will be able to asses even what we watch on the TV and may influence our behavior. This may mean a different kind of psychological strategy to subvert or change the undercurrent in the society and obviously no one cares about the consumer,unless there is some hidden benefit for the big lobbyists around. I fail to see “Targeted advertising” as the sole reason behind this.I do foresee the chances of skewing the thought process in favor of one prevalent notion,idea which might be backed by the governments.
Omnipotence of government is something that’s on the cards. We can enjoy watching movies and having popcorn and we may love netflixing but in the end, there are two things that are selling today ” Time pass and Solutions”.
I am not sure how you think about this, if you have some other thoughts please share , this will help me getting really close to reality.
Expecting I will continue to write my mind and you will continually enjoy being a free bird.
Rising Abhi

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