Practice the Non Practice


Practice makes the one perfect . I know you read this long ago and it’s a writing on the wall . Yet in real life we all struggle to keep our schedules free from missing it for days and then months and eventually it gets lost. present article is about how to execute your plans flawlessly.

This is what I call a normal man with normal plan . Where ambitions are high and hopes are beaming with confidence and we often do it like this , few days you go to gym or do practice for cricket , jogging just anything and your friends are tired of you talking about the benefits of jogging , getting up early and few weeks later you are back to square one.

And now you give excuses like , I need to give time to my studies, this was never my priority ….so why does this happen? What is the main reason a normal human being is not consistent in efforts ?

What is the reason that very act which gives us kick in the initial period doesn’t give us kick few days down the line , in fact it seems an uphill task to continue with the same schedule. There are countless pieces of work on this and all talk about some very good things , the problem is “Real time decisions while executing things”. With this thought list of some to do’s are being published to help each one of you realize your goals .

The Few Commandments

Rule 1. Learn to focus on how to enjoy the boredom.

Rule 2. Fun-> Frustration ->Peace.

Rule 3. Unrealistic Milestones

Rule 4. Taking U Turn

Rule 5. Right Time , Right Place and Right Action

Let us understand these five in detail

Rule 1. Learn to focus on how to enjoy the boredom

This is the trickiest part of the game of execution. Our brain follows a typical pattern to record the experience and this experience is the prime factor behind changing the one time event into a habit. We have 3 layers of brains The reptilian brain,the mammal brain and the cerebral cortex. Out these 3 the reptilian brain has got the simplest algorithm to follow and that is “Avoid Fear” Now we are not in life threatening situation here but the definition of fear has changed for us its about “Anticipation of Future Pain”. We all want pleasure for future but when we do anything about which the end result is not immediate we start in vicious circle of self doubt and eventually we stop that action because we don’t get any tangible result soon, that’s not all , When we continue to do same thing again and again we get bored simply because we don’t get any fun or thrill out of it , a occasional dose of success keeps us going but if there is really a long gap and you don’t get anything good coming your way , chances are you will leave doing that task . So boredom of routine is another important thing that needs to be tackled successfully.

How to tackle Boredom? We all have tried convincing ourselves of the benefit of staying fit and yoga classes or jogging or staying on diet ! But devils advocate wins always. Passion is the fuel you need , you need to constantly find new and better ways to engage your mind. Keep a small diary and keep reminding yourself , am i doing this in the best possible way ? Is there a different place I can sit while making plans ? Is there a different route I can take for jogging ? These are only directional suggestions but I am sure you got the idea.

Rule 2: Fun – Frustration – Peace

Any action would invariably go through this cycle. When you decide to start something new you get excited by the dream of results, this is the FUN part it lasts for initial few days , remember those extra dips or push ups ! Then comes the boring phase where you get frustrated which is the phase where your behavior is changing and this is the time when you need a lot of determination to continue with your plans ..the last part is the Peace of Mind, The feeling a rock climber gets once he is at he top of the cliff is priceless. You literally scale your own self ! All pain was worth it.

Rule 3. Unrealistic Milestones

Setting realistic goals is kind of science we all are not familiar with. There can be uniformity in our goals with other people but there is a huge gap in our individual abilities. Lets face it , I understand the concept of “I CAN DO THIS ” kind of bullshit and many people keep bragging this entire life but their achievements deny the claim . The real reason is we all have in fact different potentials and this must be embraced by any man of ordinary prudence, A bird can never learn to swim.Period. You need to know your abilities and then chalk out your goal. At this point I want to also mention the out liers too, A limp can and has won the race but that’s a very slim chance and you gotta be equally mad about running as that limp , which I doubt most of us would sincerely pursue. So setting up real goal is not an emotional decision its a scientific hard fact and must be logical and consistent throughout, so check your goal is it emotional decision or logical one.

Rule 4. Taking U-turn

You will take U-turn only when you are not sure about the way and that will only happen if you are confused about your WAY of achieving the Goal. There can be valid cases for taking U turn but watch out and scrutinize your inner motives behind this decision, Is it because of fear , ambiguity or change in priorities. I don’t want to be judgmental on this there can be strong reasons for this and each one has different life so it can not be generic but yes ,If its out of Fear , you better not change this. As far as ambiguity jump to rule 5.

Rule 5. Right Place , Right Time and Right Action

Never wanted to share this but it would be injustice to not voice it out. Place , Time and Action are like canvas where your paint your goal. It has to be clean .By clean I mean , it must be conducive for you to work on all of them and not just one of them .Check the grid below :

Place                   Action            Time                            Result

Right                 Right               Wrong                         Below Avg to Zero results.

Right                Wrong              Right                           Zero Results or Negligible.

Wrong              Right                Right                          Below Avg to Zero results .

Wrong              Wrong             Right                          you may get Stoned to death .

Wrong              Wrong            Wrong                        You are idiot with capital I.

Wrong             Right              Wrong                          Feeling Frustrated

All the best for your future plans , if you know of stuff that can help us , please share it with us through email .

Thanks For Reading This Far

Rising Abhi


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