Water the Root ,Not the Shoot!


In today’s arena we r all focussing on watering the shoot which means we try to do things from its last stage but we forget the basics.Actually it’s the problem of our education system which teaches us to copy and not to be original. Like for example in maths we are more concerned to just mug up the most difficult formulas but we are not aware of the basic problems. Like in a plant if you will water the root then water will go up to whole of the plant and this applies to our life. We should concentrate on the basics and not on it’s higher aspects. Theirs a proverb stating that by seeing the root we can count the leaves …I am not sure that I said the right proverb or not but it’s something like that. You know we have a book called lab manual and we are given the task to copy that whole book it’s ridiculous and this finishes originality somewhere present in us.I will not make it more long as I had made I clear the root cause of less scientists from India…..by the way have u ever heard Sharma theoram or Raju law of elevation..moreover this make a difference. So what you water in your plant of life ? Think…

– Mansha Dhawan

Class X BML Munjal Green Medows School , Haridwar


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