Life Sucks like Vacuum Cleaner

Life sucks and sometimes it sucks like vacuum cleaner.This happens with lot of us .You study hard and don’t just make it , you try different ways to increase your performance but you don’t get it .Life seems like not a fair play at all. Losers get big cars and intelligent keep groping what went wrong with them !

College drop outs hire ace players , politicians are less educated and command over toppers ….woooohoo

Ugly gets the beauty and brainy gets the nerdy .life is full of this. Opposites attract ! Life is chaotic to most of us and deep inside our heads there are two voices , I can do this and I can’t do this .

Negativity is inbuilt and I think is the prime reason for mediocrity in our affairs. You score 90 and someone else scores 95 and you turn negative , I am not as intelligent as him. What exactly is the basis of this feeling ? And whether this feeling is Real ?

Experience is a matter of being vigilant I have seen how two drivers start a race on the road , complete strangers and yet it happens and I am sure you have been part of this exercise at some point in your life . What makes us go for these strange behaviours ?  Do we love to have our own space in life , a strs position, a coordinate of events which helps us define the relative position of our competitors,friends. It seems we all have our own timeline and we keep revisiting it time and again and keep comparing ourselves with others or better with our past .

And when we involve in this , we lose track of time and a series of images take us down the memory lane.we all get back to the present moment and realise how much time has gone by !

This is the point  where Think Studio did a research to find out how much time each day we spend in negative thinking .

Out of random samples we gathered data and findings are mentioned below :

1. All participants said they think negative about life , themselves ,relations etc EVERYDAY .

2.36% Respondents said they think negative upto 60% of their waking time !

3.40 % respondents said they think negative 20% of their waking conscious moments.

4. 17% responded they try to divert attention as soon as negative thought comes .

5.7% said they always focus on the positive point of situation and said they don’t think negative and if there are moments when they do , they can’t give us correct number.

Think Studio was expecting this response but we would like to in reader our sample size from present number of 453 responders and we will again publish our findings.

I am trying to bring out a compelling case of programmed negativity to your attention but for that you will have to wait for sometime .

I hope you find this insightful and may help this featured blog to your own benefit. Drop your comments it will help me in my research.

Thanks .

Rising Abhi


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