In God We Trust


In God We Trust . This is more apt for India than any other nation , surprisingly this is used officially by America in their bills . Here in India we claim “Satya Mev Jayate” .which means only truth wins.

I have my own apprehensions in digesting this , looking at the state of our judiciary , anyways like any other human endeavor justice is just another work in progress and landmark judgments serve the purpose of instilling faith in our faculty of logic and reasoning and justice .

Anyways that’s something we all know .The big question is how a country like America claimed this “In God We Trust ” and yet in their affairs they use lot of diligence and exercise hardwork .This is land of opportunities , at least that’s what history says . Biggest and largest economic and military power .Free ideas and innovation are in the blood of this nation and they have been the too nation of the world ever since it’s existence .

How a nation becomes a super power ? What kind of mindset led America to where they are today ? Recent announcements by Mr.Trump would have not surprised pro American mindset at all .When I looked at the number of startups in US , it’s a whopping number and if you look at how India is evolving you will find a clear departure from what makes a great nation .

Risk taking is alien thought for most Indians .We have a inner guiding principle which keeps steering us to the safe shores always and we infer this as trait of intelligence. Is Risk taking really a foolish attempt ? when I spoke to students  in Engineering colleges at THDC-IHET and ITM Gwalior I found that the concept of career making is ” Risk Aversion” as per most of them , we seek comfortable lifestyles and good paying career with minimal physical labour .

Maybe this is the reason we have such a pathetic state of agriculture here , all young people want to have a sitting job with minimal physical labor .I got the chance to see an advertisement of RAM Trucks and it was about farmers , it showed how America looks at the hardworking farmer I don’t know where we dropped the ball in history,It seems our age of British ruling led our ancestors to believe in playing safe . Governance has a huge impact on the psyche of common man , we subconsciously trust the ruler ,no matter be it a democratic setup and we have some expectations from the government too . For e.g The concept of Social Security, subsidy and crop insurance, better roads and all.

Recent video by BSF Jawan  brings a very interesting picture to the forefront. The way we treat  farmers and soldiers are actually downright insulting. Though there are frequent protests by common man here and there , but is this really the matter of mindset. Farming and Security both are Physical labour intensive professions and if you see the advertisement of Indian Army , its trying to communicate the real meaning of what being soldier means.

The time has come where we need to understand whom we trust and if Gita has anything to go by we cannot avoid the Karma. How can we not give due credit to Men who are feeding us and saving us ?

This was the reason “Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan” was the slogan who resonated with the Indian mass so well. However, today our slogans have changed to serve the interest of some particular section of the nation. We are about to celebrate republic day , what our President claims from Red Fort will not make much difference , but what you and I believe should be respected ……will make the better India.

Its not about what we say . Its about what we do. That’s what makes the nation.



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