In 2040-No chocolates!


Thinking whole day and even months on something and yet not getting any convincing answer is a phase of life we all go through at some point in life.

Present blog is about that nasty phase. I call it nasty because it makes you feel dumb and slowly you start doubting your own intelligence! Worse part is during this phase somehow you are able to screen good advice from the bad ones , if you are anything like me who prefer to find solutions alone and take help of Google , you are all set to spend more time groping in the dark .

So let’s try to look at this situation in a more structured way , we have two ways to anchor our decisions in life one is faith other is fact .

These 2 F’s can really play devil with you any given day .Faith is a subtle one and fact is hard ,cold and screaming reality . Most of the time facts are just evidences waiting for some objective approval which most of the time is at the mercy of our logic .

And what is the prime function of intellect, is to Disect the evidence by questioning and arguments , where as faith is integration of ideas or observations. As you may agree , we all have little of faith and whole lot of logic these days , social media , Google , reviews on Quora are some of the places we stumble upon to make more informed decisions and in old days it was something slow , like talking to your mentors ,friends etc , I can’t rule out this practice totally today which to a great extent is good for all human beings , but undoubtedly credibility of information sharing entity has shifted towards anonymous websites and bloggers more than ever before .

It’s very interesting to find how people take decisions in uncertainty mostly it’s the decision that conforms to their own belief all they wait for is some approval from credible source. It doesn’t matter if it comes from someone at the other end of the planet.

In the next decade , our biggest crisis is going to be how to make decisions. I foresee all of us being bombarded with hell lot of information which will be very factual however our own GUT FEEL factor will make it really tough to take decisions.

The question I want to raise today is how human would it be to take all decisions based on facts alone ? Would the sales of chocolates drop down ever simply because its high on calories , would cops not cut ticket for over speeding in 2040 ?

Well these are some of the challenges we might face in future and yes the interesting one would be to see if our love of selfies would finally be over taken by the golden ratio matching software !

Being human is a going to be lot more complicated with information than it is today and I don’t see anyone willing to take a U turn .

So eventually we will reach to a very intelligent social and economic ecosystem which will have free and total information at the Beck and call of each and everyone on planet .Virtually every single person will have access to everything .which means we all will be equally well informed on all matters , ( I hope how to fire a Nuke stays in some sensible people’s hand) . Now here if at all we reach, the biggest problem would be the problem of faith !

Here is an analogy , today your brain knows chocolate or high calorie is not good for you but you eat it because your hand obeys your mind , and hand knows shit about calories but in 2040 situation could be tricky a small nano chip would disconnect your electrical signals from hand and your embedded Intel system will not let you eat chocolates !

This is going to be the end of freewill and trust me it’s going to be painful .Terribly painful .

Enjoy 2017 with faith it never happens as logic says it would happen soon in future.

Aata La Vista .

Rising Abhi


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