So What’s Your Passion?

Passion, the word on which thousands of books have been printed but what the hell is passion? Seems to be difficult yaaa and many r on their last stage of life and still don’t know their passion…But believe me it’s easy and that’s the meaning of passion ” thing in which time passes as sand and can day confidently it’s easy ” U know from 1 to 7 standard I wanted to become an artist but then I started thinking big and my love was no longer with me but then with the guidance of think studio I crafted the meaning of passion…..u know I used to go to karate class just to be fit and being a girl I should know self defence but that wasn’t my piece of art so I joined art classes and this was my best decision…I know this will me I will not become fit from fat but so what? I m happy and satisfied and that’s what I want.Just remember do whatever u want to do and do it best to prove yourself best…..And today made one of my best piece of art …I wanna tell u that today i am so happy than the day I won silver medal medal in karate. What a relief and what a day….

Guys just follow yours dreams and run after knowledge not success…i know I copied a line from 3 ediots 😉😉😁 and yaa I found u back my passion my first love art….Whats yours?

Mansha Dhawan


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