From My Window



From my window I can see
A young girl thinking about her next poetry!
Walking and walking until all the evenings passed,
Without even looking at her, each day he crossed.
Waiting for him to ask if she was okay?
And then there would be so many things she wanted to say!
The fact that they had had a never ending fight,
Broke her into pieces every night,
The guy was the kind who didn’t bother as such,
Not knowing that someone could love him so much.
He took her for granted and so did she,
Forever together was all she wanted to be.
She waited and waited for his habits to change
But all he said was that he wanted *change*.
This was something she could not take
Result of which was a promise she had decided to make.
“I would never text, but I would always be there for you ” she had sent,
Keeping her promise till the end, saved the msgs to draft but didn’t send.
While every night he has those cute conversations with other girls,
She lay there writing poems, with her wet eyelash curls ❤
– Chitra Jhawar


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