Friendship -A lost love

From my window I can see
Some good times that have now ceased.
Junior versions of two best friends,
Thinking their friendship would never end.
Everyone said, for each other they were meant
That was what even they had dreamt. 👑
With so much love and care, the secrets they shared
And all the times for each other they spared.
Trying to break their friendship was something no one could dare 💞

From my window I can now see
No best friends, but 2 people alone and free.
Now for him, even the memories don’t exist,
The feeling was something that she couldn’t resist
Grown up to be young and bold
They know what’s stone and what was gold.
Then I shut the window with all my rage,
Because this was how our lives had changed 🙂
– Chitra Jhawar


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