Dear Karma

While we cry over our fake relationships and other petty things,
There are people whom no one wants to keep as their belonging.
While we are never happy with what we have,
There are people who are happy if they get one time’s meal to have.
Today a 101 year old held me by her side,
Narrating her story after her sons had brought their brides.
While taking so much pain in bringing up her eight kids,
She never knew they would become the cause of her wet eyelids.
A mother who slept hungry to feed her children’s tummy,
Was now sitting in front of me like a mere dummy.
Kept on saying how pretty her grand daughters are,
When she herself was white as snow and face without a scar.
As she held me tighter when she started to speak,
I could not stop those teardrops from rolling down my cheek.
They left her there when she had turned ninety five,
The ones for whom she had sacrificed all her life.
She hated it at the old-age home she said,
But her sons didn’t want to be with her under the same shed.
Neither did her daughters come to take her off from there,
Because they had already got their part of property shares.
Saying this she gave a hug and on my cheek she kissed,
Calling me her grand daughter whom she missed.
To a lady so sweet, how could they be so cruel?
While she had always considered them to be her most precious jewel 💕
With her health deteriorating, and age shooting,
A little time with family would have been the most soothing.
It was time to bid my goodbye to a woman so loving,
My problems in front of hers now seemed to be nothing.
Never in my life had I come across a lady so strong,
Dear Karma, with such a great soul, how could you do so much wrong?

– Chitra Jhawar ( Chitra is a graduate from NIFT Kolkata, she is as an avid reader and passionate about designing jewelry and budding Entrepreneur.


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