World War By Pirzan



images-1All countries in the world had participated in the world war 2.The biggest participants of it were Germany , Italy , Japan, United Kingdom and United states soviet union &China were the participants .

World War 2 was mostly known for the 2 attacks of Japan to the USA & USA to Japan.Few people don’t know the reason behind the two atomic blasts at Hiroshima & Nagasaki. During the world war in the year 1941 the Japanese Air force was told to attack pearl harbor near the USA was attacked it was a very important place for Navy & AirForce of USA it caused immediate participation of USA in world war 2. There was lot of destruction & deaths of the people there Franklin.D. Roosevelt commanded to throw atom bomb on the 2 main cities of Japan- Heroshima & Nagasaki .

After period of four years at 6th August 1945 one atom bomb was dropped on the Hiroshima and on 9 august 1945 another bomb was dropped on Nagasaki . During the blast many people died and some of the radiation the radiation was very harmful for the people of Japan. The two cities were completely destroyed, after the blast Japan surrendered to the USA and were out of the World War 2 . After few days to war was ended it had more destruction than world war 1.

Mini Article – By Pirzan M. Pithawala

Class 6th of BML Munjal Green Medows School, Haridwar.


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