Inside Originality

Let’s rewind your life a little bit.Back to the embryonic stage , right at the time when sperm of your father was mixing with the egg of your mother .

Who are you at that moment ? Perhaps you’d say I am half my father and half your mother .well , I think little different , it’s not like that at all. Picture this a cup of milk mixed with cup of water , is it still milk it’s either milk diluted or its water lost in milk . originality is more about essence . The main central crux of what you are .

Another way to look is perhaps a rather crude example , making a tea. Water , milk ,tea leaves and little bit of sugar …some heat and you have a tea .A tea is not just mixture of all of this , it’s something entirely different from its constituents .Same way we are not just 50% of either of our parents .I know many of you would be thinking we never said we are 50% of our parents to begin with ! However , even those of you are not able to explain yourself completely without taking reference of your parents. The name we carry has been taken up my many earlier and even at present is being shared by lot .

So what makes us unique ? Is it the way we think , look ,feel ,behave ,our education , our love ? It’s damn confusing as every single thing we use to define ourselves is just not unique

This is the question that has haunted many of us for long time . Let’s understand this , everything in the world makes sense only in relation to something else .Our fears , joys ,pains achievements you name it , it can’t make sense in isolation.So is it that we all are just making sense to someone close and by and large we all are anonymous ?

Even still weird is the thought for eg who are you in reference to your pet dog or cat ? Do they find us unique or they find us familiar ? I think the prime reason for this sense of self is that we are more interested in understanding what’s outside us than what’s inside us. We understand our life with the help of all these things which are external and we can experience them , when it comes to our inner voice , we usually keep it to ourselves , for eg you might feel at times you are dumb, or you are incompetent or that fear of rejection which we usually don’t share with even our loved ones .

And what about those best kept secrets which we have never shared with anyone in our life so far and neither we intend to do this ever in future ! Perhaps that’s what we originally are , looking good in others views ,books .This desire is what we essentially are .

We all are too busy in being good in someone’s book.Now it’s tricky you have got your own book too and you also want every other person to be in your good books too .the unspoken rules of this book are something you just never share with anyone .

Try doing this , share your thoughts without censoring them and you will become original.

Originality is just a set of rules in your book which you forget to share .The day you will start sharing it , you will become original.

Thanks for reading this far .



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