A Gift For My Best Friend


img_20161213_123051101_hdrI was writing a poem for my best friend as a birthday gift in the month end of September. A blank diary,a pen in my hand, a cup of coffee was the only thing with me.

Sitting on my table looking out of the window and thinking of the time which i have spent with my best friend. I wondered the clock was running too fast. Its been 4 years of friendship …very long time!

Everything changed but not our friendship, from 5th class to 9th class. Our teachers, friends and our daily  routine, but not our friendship. I was thinking and writing for an hour its so difficult to come out with the words that really communicate the hidden emotions.

I still remember we met in the fifth grade with an angry face we started our day with a fight always and then a change comes in our lives , we forget all fight and became friends as time passed , within a year we were the best friends.

We enjoy our time in the class, laugh at complete nonsensical things and late night chats are like never ending , there are ups and downs we have seen together , but I hope we remain like this forever , No matter if you are quarter a mile away or halfway across the world , you’ll always be my best friend.

~Devina Chanda for Akanksa

*Devina and Akansha are both amateur bloggers with ThinkStudio.

Shivalik Nagar , Haridwar


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