Stay Untuned


images-42Banks have lost their artificially protected sheen , the color of corruption has painted all involved in the so called white money department!

We owe this to latest fiat by Government of India .Media is full of reports from across the country about bank professionals neck deep in having Nexus with so called deep coffers. That being said what has changed after all this roller coaster ride for the common man , they say it will have a good impact in the long run .I don’t know what is long run , perhaps few months prior to next elections .

While this move is being welcomed by one and all but government seems to have ignored the connivance between bankers and big businessmen . Who can explain the easy exit of Mr.Mallaya and who can debate the unrealistically lengthy trials of all who have been caught in the name of corruption. Infact if we look at how our national has fared since independence we are literally bleeding when it comes to honesty.

Now the problem has changed , earlier it was only politicians now it’s common men like us .Who ever is getting any chance to make easy money he is encashing it .The latest quest of our government to make cashless economy is not a near future.Farmer driven economy where a lentil is selling at above 150 rs /kg and average men earning above 32Rs/day is not Poor. How can we ever reach the cashless situation?

Alright , the cash crunch is a small term problem, would this move help us emerge as honest economy? This is a distant cry .No one can solve this problem by this kind of magic tricks , we need to work on our value system and this is something which is the job of our saints and other religious leaders for they have been entrusted with this Herculean task since ages .

Situation is equally bleak here as well most of the saints were maligned by the media as these saints declined media’s request for some cash as they were becoming popular so here again the one who got the power misused it and that ends the drama of feeding poor with samosa , the so called remedy suggested by some self proclaimed God man.

Oh yes , then we have saints who are fascinated by the Bollywood and continue to make movies with the higest level of creativity.  Now interestingly all the onus of upholding the social justice is resting with the common man , we are supposed to let go of subsidy on gas cylinder and now even on the railway fare .

On the other hand the chosen few in our parliament have never talked about leaving their pay for any pressing issue . Drama doesn’t end here , if you look closely at what media is talking about post currency ban you will see common men appreciating the government for this .when was the last time people didn’t appreciate the leaders specially in India ?

We are idol worshippers and still believe in glorification of feudal system .perhaps that is the reason why most of the parties rely on one single charismatic leader .

Time is ripe for young generation to be more media literate and form objective views on the political and social issues rather than borrowing conventional wisdom. Time is for being Original and Clear.

The last nail on the coffin is the so called debate programmes being aired during primetime .This looks like a good intent is being ridiculed by the few words mongerers and the intellectuals have their best time listening and reflecting on these Brownian motion affected talk shows , often the only sensible thing in these shows is the commercial part.

If we just calculate the time wasted by media of the otherwise productive workforce it would be an astronomical number .Anyways who cares , this is the world where camera is relied and eyes are ridiculed.

Stay Untuned.


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