The Original Copy


This is one of the most insane sentence I could think of. After spending many years in understanding marketing , taking interviews , listening to sales pitches and politicians and yeah the recent trend of personal branding and endorsement, I came to the cross roads again , what is the reason masses follow some phenomenon, identify with some club ! Vote for some politicians , read Donald Trump.

Last December me and some of my friends were arguing about who’s is going to be the next president of US? Though everything at that time was pointing at other candidates, I somehow claimed that Trump is the man. No one agreed .

I care less about social approval anyways , time flew and now we have Donald elected as TIME’s most influential person , he left Mr.Narendra Modi behind . Results in both these cases are counter the prevailing sentiment , or atleast as projected by the media .

Media is pulling rabbits out of hat Everytime now.This is the new trend across the globe.seems like first a trend is being built and then something entirely different comes up and lesser mortals like you and me start feeling we are fools of the first order , we can’t even think this ?

Tell you what , there is aed.We are more clueless today than ever before even if we talk about buying something online ,first there are many sellers then there are reviews and you are like …end up asking someone you trust or just buy basis some archaic model of playing safe or cheap and best .Too much of information is proving more confusing for most of the people .So, whom do we trust ?

If you look at how the entire human population has started behaving you would observe we are looking for social approval more than ever before.This is alarming and might lead to a situation where originality would be rare find . The only and only reason people were taking about Trump was he was Original and it’s evident with how he spoke on all issues with clarity. No politically correct stance. Same is the case with Modi in India. He gave a loud and clear message to all concerned.

One thing is for sure , if these two gentlemen have proved anything without doubt, then that is Originality in their thoughts .They are coming not out of huge political experience but out of sheer wisdom that being clear in intent is something which is hard to copy by others , and intuitively we all can just catch it .

Its also a point worth your kind attention that once our heart sets on something we fight till end to prove we are right worse than that is we are unwilling to let go of our “original copy” image . So if I support someone then there ends all matter , no matter how many evidences you produce I will still say I am right.

India’s Kashmir issue is another example where we are proving original copies. What was said long ago is till defining our way of looking at this problem.Mr.Modi , recently challenges this and clearly gave message that we cannot just keep playing new game with old rules. This is the age of twenty -twenty. Things can’t be left on their own.

Another cue from these developments is that our current generation loves to take radical measures and perhaps it’s time for the grownups to look at life from new angle and that is don’t care too much about what others will think.Think alone.Think Good.

Thanks for Thinking!

Rising Abhi.


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