The journey of our uncanny minds

Our eyes are the thesaurus reflecting the furtive world. A world that switched from the peerless white khaadi to faded blue denims. The blue seas are a bit too low to define the depth of our fact stitched eyeballs that holds a magical way to discover this materialistic world.

 The colour of our hair doesn’t define the slices of experience we gather from the world. Sometimes, even a kid of two has sparkling white shades in his hair and a 70 years old possesses those dark brown thick furs on his head. The  way we perceive things is all that matters, in a millisecond time. 

The 21st century bears a mass of ideas streaming each seconds. Our 140mm wide brain sometimes exceeds its limits and stunns us with the range of XL thoughts that floods our mind each second. The rest of our day depends on the pictures that we ‘ve captured in a count of a pulse. Most of what we remember are the negatives of what we ‘ve seen and all good fades away in a minutes time.

 Let’s just grasp the positives around and pass the same posi-vibes to the surroundings that envelope us. This way, we would frame a better self in distressed denims than a part of mythical generation in blue denims.


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