Can’t Pour From An Empty Cup


Whenever you think about yourself,what you see first in You ?Some bad qualities or good qualities? If you ask me,I look at bad qualities first and then I reflect on my good qualities and I know many of you would it the same way, But this is wrong.Most of us always think about the bad in ourselves and start regretting it and we sometimes become emotional about it, however this is not the right way to look at ourselves.

If we don’t like ourselves , how can we expect others to like us? As we are the only person who is going to be with us entire life, to make others attract towards us firstly we should start loving our self. If I take example of mine only, many times it happens with me that wherever I am happy from insure or liking things , even that day is a bad day but it happens to be one of my best days and whenever I am unhappy from inside and feels that I am a bad person even if many things happen good that day but I fail to live the moments totally.

What I mean by loving oneself is not that we should start throwing our weight around on people , but I am saying lets start exploring things which really make us happy and do more of such things , life is all about living the moments , that’s where the memories take birth .Do you know Mr.Bean? Have you ever seen his episodes , he keeps enjoying his own company , he don’t need anyone to make him happy. We should learn from Mr.Bean that how to enjoy in our self and how to love our self.

If we want to get success in our life than we should love ourselves , should respect our ideas, then only we can make others love us. We should live our life like there is no tomorrow stay happy from inside make yourself feel proud on you and always love yourself. After all what can you pour from an Empty cup ?

Makes Sense ,You bet !!


~Akansha Kesarvani

IX standard . (BML Munjal Green Medows School , Haridwar)


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