Clarity in Chaos

Digitalization processes in modern world lead to contraversal circustamcies. From the one hand the quality of life in modern society is increasing, more and more people are getting access to information, public goods and civilization achievements, but from the other side because of digitalization many professions are getting extinct, those who are not ready or not willing to live in virtual world are lagging behing and losing their jobs. In that chaotic process, which nobody cannot control – not governments, not private forces – the decrease of GDP all over the world is taking place. The period of constant growing, which we were facing in 20th century has ended. Mostly everything, which was invented in the age of Big Science in 60s and which was used as a source of growth is already embodied in modern technologies. And new inventions only modify the existing models, but rising them on the new level (see the evolution of mobile phones as an example of chaotisation and simplification).
Nowadays high skilled professionals tend to concentrate in zones of stability, setting enclaves around Silicon Valleys all over the world. But the stability of middle class in many countries is under the attack. Sons are earning less then their fathers, while working more hours, their debts are increasing. And those who are concentrating wealth are not willing to share with those, who are having nothing. And poorest have no hope, because the golden age of wellfare state will never come back. So people have to be more creative, dealing with that chaotic order.
Governments are trying to be more effective, by replacing traditional instruments with IT services. Internet economy has became the powerful source of changes. But digital divide deepens. The simplification of technologies and the shortage of highly qualified specialists creates the dependence of developing countries from the developed ones. It is the ground of new technological order, in which only those will succeed, who offer the cheepest decisions for world markets, not limited to the one single country or region. It is the basic principle of modern innovation processes. And that requres concentration and clear mind. Only clarity can help us to control the chaos somehow. It means clear thoughts, confidence and absorption. With that conscious choice, not based on stereotypes or traditional lifestyle we can raise a strong generation of clear-minded people, ready for life struggles, sharing common civilizational values. It is the time for coming back to singularity and interdisciplinary approach, dealing with chaos.


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