A View About Think Studio By Vansh Upreti

Listen to kids

In Think Studio we learn about Originality and Clarity, Three dimensional objects, Quadratic Equations, Fibonacci Series, Google VR and many other things. Our both sir teaches us very well.Our Sir name is Abhishek Sir and Anand Sir.

Our first chapter was Originality and Clarity,In that class we learnt about what is original and what is duplicate.For eg Mango & Frooti, Water and Cold drink etc.

In second chapter we learn about that what is 3D Shapes and how we can make it. In third chaper we learnt about Quadratic equations, Algebra, Babylonian civilization, Fibonacci series . In another class we learnt about the VR , it stands for Virtual Reality in this we made a VR headset, best part is it was working and we saw many videos through this , it was an amazing experience. In class 6th I could not think of such things.

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We make many kinds of aeroplanes and do competition also and we also organize races of our planes, its so much fun best part is we have Think Studio group in whattsapp where we share these images, and we daily get some puzzles, questions about math and science. We all enjoy this class too much. I have started writing blogs too, 2 blogs I have already submitted to our site.

In Think Studio class we easily communicate our emotions and feelings , I had suggested everyone to take part in this class and I want to say to those who are not attending these classes , please attend them as they are very precious and also if you want to succeed these classes are must.

Thank You.

Vansh Upreti


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