Dream of becoming a cricketer.

I want to become a cricketer .My role model is Ab de Villiers , I like his batting skills and style and many more things about him . To gain the aim I want to join cricket academy in New St. Thomas School .

I have played cricket matches in my colony , in my earlier school I played against Montfort school , that time I scored 23 runs in 8 balls .Then I joined cricket academy . I played to two times trial under 14 in which one I got selected as in second .

I was not selected in first under 14 , I scored 105 runs in 48 balls in second trial , i have not selected because my bowling was not good.  Then my teacher said to me that why are you not good in bowling .

I said ” sir when I do bowling , after sometime my hand is paining too much ,from that time my sir force me on bowling only after 2 ,3 months I have improved in bowling ” .

After sometime my sir took our team to Dehradun for match , in that match I scored 55 runs in 29 balls , only in that match we won.


~ Vansh Upreti BML Munjal Green Medows class 6 Th. Haridwar

Risingabhi : We have decided to publish the unedited version of his blog , we are aware of the grammatical errors , but we hope our readers will respect the emotions .Thanks .

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