VR to Village

VR headset DIY
Ashwin loves the VR headset experience.

Seems like a dream to most of the young students . To the students from the remotest corner of the world , it’s something they are not even aware of, forget about making it .We are taking about Virtual Reality Experience.

When we approached students at BML Munjal Green Medows School , Haridwar , kids were startled to see how a box of cardboard can change the way you experience technology. It was a gut feeling within us that students will think this as a major and complicated thing, and we were right .

Like always Think Studio was determined to do away with the assumptions part of our thinking and we decided to show the students how it can be made at home. This blog is not about glamourising anything so we, on purpose keep things as they are without concealing the originality of the experience.

Interestingly, when we think of technology today we somehow gravitate to the super complex, automatic, highly sophisticated machines which according to us is just the opposite of what technology is meant to achieve. Is this not harmful how our young minds look at it ?

Anyways , so if you wanna make a VR headset download the Google VR template and muster some courage .

Why I say courage is because when you start making something you realize that whatever enthusiasm you have in the beginning begins to die as you come across the difficulty in making a thing and then you start judging your work in between Which leads to slowing down of your brain and body ! So, don’t judge your work focus on the process not on the end result . We call it “Gliding the learning Curve” .

What matters here is not the end product , obviously you are not a machine and even of you are a perfectionist, this is your first time so chill . For the lenses we used the binocular lenses and you will have to use hexablade or something like it to take out the lenses , paste it on the slots mentioned in the cutout.

We want to share the original VR that we could make, it’s finishing is no where close to what manufacturers claim but we loved this box , as it taught our students the importance of facing challenges with grit .

So when you make easy stuff with difficulty you learn a lot , when you make difficult easily you lose a lot ! Think about it .

~ RisingAbhi.

Be the Verb.




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