See Yourself As Garbage And The Flies Will Come! 

When we are feeling disrespected, unloved, and miserable, it’s normally a one-way ticket to Lonely Street. I mean, who likes to be around anyone who’s miserable? You’d think on one, right? Wrong!! Other miserable people do… Because misery loves company. 

Remember, the law of attraction is always working. So when we feel sorry for ourselves, we attract other downers who are feelings sorry for themselves. People who whine about stuff love nothing more than finding others to have a pity-party with. 

You have to get out of these situations as quickly as possible possible you can never change anything by complaining. In fact, you simply get more of the stuff that you are complaining about! 

So the first is to change your tune- quit the drama and stop spreading your own misery. As for your pity party pals: they are helping you and you can’t help them. Well, not useless you are a qualified emo-therapist. 

M here for u my friend! Stop blaming yourself! 

Shraddha Soni

Bml Munjal Green Meadows School

Class 10


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