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Some people say exploration is going into the wild or climb a mountain
Some people say exploration is finding your inner self.
Some people say exploration is finding value in your surroundings , however they maybe.
By observation and talking to many people on the topic, I am pretty sure there is no way to define exploration . From this observation there is only one thing that we can tell and that is
“Exploration is something , that is not stagnant.”

It is incredible how children get excited about things which may be little for adults. As we grow up, we lose our curiosity and that is what prevents growth.
I conceive that it is necessary to keep that child , who loves to explore, alive within us, by being open to exploration in various aspects of our lives . Keeping the window of exploration open whether travelling , in relationships or education brings in an opportunity to discover something new at the edge of every decision we make.
It is very easy to give away to monotony of our routines and be stuck in a loop.
This mindset prevents growth because everyone likes being in their comfort zone, where everything is certain.
It is innate in us as human beings to crave growth and desire to be our better selves but in order to grow , life requires us to take a risk and get out of that comfort zone.
This risk is to explore and find something new , do something different .
But with this risk comes result, which might be good or bad and it is the fear of bad results like failing and rejection that we fail to take a step to explore.

I understand that if we don’t explore, there is something bigger that we risk and that is living life.
Life at every aspect questions us and if there are questions in life, and you don’t pursue them, to me, it is life unlived .This perception towards life is what keeps people humble and hungry to know more.
This curiosity to explore everything around and within us, is what makes us human .
We do all this because we care about what’s out there.
It is not necessary that one needs to take a road trip to the mountains or visit a remote temple in order to explore, you and i can start from the woods or parks nearby.
Start today by talking to a complete stranger, mingle with people you don’t know in your college or office, go to a mountain trek, try whatever catches your fancy .
Exploration is a road which has no beginning nor end , it is a journey which demands you to keep moving.
Exploration is not an activity, It’s a way of life.


~Abhay Uniyal is a Mechanical Engineering Final year student from THDC -IHET , Tihri

He loves Aspect Exploring, Coding and is actively engaged in Social Entrepreneurship .


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