Discovering A Hero Within Myself

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Hero is a person, typically a man who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements or noble qualities, that is the so called  boring definition from the dictionary. Well, in my words, hero is that person who comes in our life and makes everything amazingly amazing and just according to our wish..same as the Jim in the Aladdin story from the middle eastern folk tale, that Jim is the real hero I guess? Or you all may also be thinking of those hero’s who fight for his girl or something(that depends on your thinking) well I wish I can be that Jim in real life but  it is practically  impossible..According to me, each one of us has a hidden hero within ourselves and all we have to do is to take it out and yes, yes I can surely say that once we will take out that hero from us, no one not even god can steel or take away our success from us.

Taking out hero from us do not mean that we should start behaving like celebs and show attitude but it simply means to take our talents out from us. We can and we will*is too outdated, *we can because we have to is something which will be admired. That very small ant who does each and everything to make itself free from all the difficulties and finally goes back to her small so called home with that one grain in her mouth, well that very small ant is real hero guys. The soldiers who see services in all types and help in peacekeeping and fights in warlike activities are heroes. They sacrifice their life’s just to ensure that we sleep silently without any disturbance. They live in such unfavourable conditions without their friends or family.

Well, coming back to the topic, all I want to say is, being Rajnikant and shouting “yann a rascala mind it” is not heropanti but becoming a good human being who is hardworking and who has the will to turn all the negative deeds to positive is something to be done. Everyone out there, yes everyone is talented and can change the world, its all about how we do it. It does not matter whether we r born rich or poor but it does matter whether we die rich or die poor because it is on us whether we die rich or poor. First of all, we(all the Indians) should come out from this Chalta Hai attitude. Like really guys Nahi Chalta Hai Yaar!!! If  something is wrong then shout, scream and raise your voice against it. You really have to find out your own strength in an area that is most doable from your point of view. After a hard work, with the help of meticulous planning and riding on good luck, this hero will be eager to step out of you, strengthen you, and embolden you, and ultimately lift you to new heights

If you cannot find a hero within yourself then you should find a hero in any other person. Like in my case my father is my real hero and I always aim to be like him, a great person Like he is, which currently I am not but I am sure that one day I will. This always gives me a motivation, a feel to do more, to get my goal. So if I try to find a hero within me, I won’t a great person like my father is. At last I want to sy is that life is a roller coaster and in my roller coaster of life I only want to reach heights.

I will win, not immediately but definitely and yes one day I will be “The Hero” for everyone out there.⁠⁠⁠⁠ #FINDYOURGREATNESS.


~ Sameeksha Vaishnava

DPS Ranipur Haridwar

Xth Grade



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