The Beginning Of Change

th-1I had been thinking of sharing my ideas and fortunately with the help of the platform Think Studio , I am stepping ahead to achieve my goal . Yes,Yes I am finally writing my first blog . So, guys what will u say if I will tell u that I wanna become a politician( don’t worry its not a forum of debate over political matters). You will say What ? Are u mad?please be practical u r destroying your future u r not from any political background family?OMG and many other funny reactions but just for a minute think if all the literate and honest people will think of becoming engineers and doctors or whatsoever then I think its obvious that only the illiterate and corrupted ones will rule our country and people like this usually say that ” oh! these politicians they are so cruel ,illiterate and so corrupted ,India is not developing just because of them ” .I literally hate these kind of people. According to me these people who themselves being literate do not dare enter politics. So they have no right to question them and at least the politicians have the guts that enter this arena. We r giving the responsibility of controlling and representing the country to the one is not deserved just because we all are afraid….

If I will talk about my experience really its a fact that when ever u try to do something different the whole world will be against you as no one likes changes especially in India and they will try to demotivate u .I am fed up explaining everyone that God has given u one life and if u will just waste it then we r the biggest fools.
Most funny thing I had observed is that people what a life like” God please help me to pass my exams….”
Then the main aim of every youngster is to just have a job and then a life partner and at last wait for your last day to arrive.
So, do u wanna live this life .Frankly speaking I am scared of this kind of life. Life is where you do something ultra extraordinary and do something that you are on the first page of every textbook and dare to do the thing which the whole world had not even thought of it in its dreams.I think we get slightly distracted from our topic actually when this  topic comes I get somewhat emotional.
Secondly, this is again from my own experience that I don’t know why the hell people think that arts and commerce are for weak students. Are only engineer s and doctors successful? Can u name o person who is just an engineer or doctor? If u ask me I really can’t….
Think if our honourable prime minister Narendra Modi would have thought that theirs more scope in engineering or doctary then would our India be able to take a step ahead .Guys he had taken such a great step to eradicate black money and if this would happen now also we would be under the rule of congress. Actually the people who  have done something innovative and different are successful. Please guys don’t get bored and very important message for all is that this is a site of discussion so if any of my viewer is not happy with my thoughts or has some new ideas then he/she would be really appreciated to leave a comment and I ensure u that I will work on it.
At last do u know why we are discussing about this topic is that I know u can show your love to the country by your day to day deeds but to bring a change u have and u must come in power. I am not a south Indian super hero who can defeat thousands of bad people so to bring a consistent change the good and knowledge able people had to take the responsibility .Some one has to take the first step so why not u…..
Guys that’s it for today and thanks for reading till the end and I will approach in few days with new problems and some innovative solutions and don’t forget to think …..


~ Mansha Dhawan (BML Munjal Green Medows School , Haridwar )

Xth Standard.


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