Multiple Intelligence


We have a largest democracy breathing in India, and we are pretty young nation by any yardstick. Education was and is a major concern for us . Government is spending enormous amount of money on educating the every soul that manifests on this continent.

Now , lets define the problem clearly. Way back in 1950 , the meaning of education was lot different than what it is today , now it has evolved in most developed countries. We are trying to catch up with that .

Here is an interesting question for the Intelligent people 

Average IQ of Indians is 82.This is a fact . Now if we Increase it by some act of God let’s say to 120 . What do you think will happen ? Try to post comments. 

Any ways we got drifted from the main issue . The point of education is simple there can never be homogeneous distribution of skills and you can say its just another way of nature to promote diversity .

MI says there are 8 kinds of intelligence in every human and they all have different level of presence in each brain and that each student must be given the option to work on his area of strength . In our own research we have found majority of students have pretty good sense of music, so we can say few things like music here are quite common to find in almost all students . However if we talk about the Mathematics , we have seen that most of the students struggle on this subject .This is not difficult to understand , one of the prime reasons of this difference is that Math is not something that would have ever came across as threat to the cave men.

We want to accept here , that Intelligence is the faculty of brain to help us take actions , decisions , form opinions and interact with the surrounding . For eg if we talk about VISUAL INTELLIGENCE , would it not be fair if we say that in the cavemen stage , it would have made lot of difference how successful you are in understanding your territory , else that cavemen would get confused who’s cave is where, imagine entering a lion’s den!

Anyways,we will cover the essence of MI in some other post. for the more curious minds here is the link for MI. Deep dive helps.

Thanks for reading this FAR.



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