Chill Pill

Which is the right one ?

Ever been to the graveyard? Sounds crazy isn’t it. To me it doesn’t. I want you to imagine that you are visiting the graveyard right now and you see same those stones on the grave and in each grave its engraved R.I.P ( 1915-1985) . How would you react ?

First you cant understand why the hell each of one of them was born and died in the same year . This is fishy and cant be right . Now lets come out of this grave yard and look around  , what you see now is just as bullshit as earlier . What is different here ?

You would say my name, age , education, friends , experience etc etc but actually none of this is uniquely tagged to you like a typical bar code kind of thing . So what sets you apart from the world? Ahan, your DNA strand ….

If there were only 100 trillion codes and there were more than 100 trillion individuals, at least two would have the same codes. In fact, thanks to the birthday paradox, if there were only 100 trillion codes you’d expect to get repeats at around sqrt(100 trillion) = 10 million people. But humans have about 3 billion base pairs, for a total of about 4^3000000000 different DNA strands of human size. To get a repeat (if selecting uniformly at random) you’d need around 2^3000000000 people. (In all time there will never be nearly this many people.)


I on purpose said about you as a heading. So again look at the picture above and imagine one of them is the right pill how do you know which is the right pill. same way we all have more than one pills in our hands and of them is really what we need but,all of them look alike and equally convincing. This is our perception. None of us can remain in the state of perpetual Originality and Clarity until we learn the trick.

We at THINK STUDIO wrestle with all these false self images and we remove them layer by layer, its like loosing the idea of being intelligent. We all have intelligence embedded inside us. We just reboot the thinking whirlpool.

Meet us to know more.

Thanks for reading this FAR.



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