Mystery of SWOT analysis

This is rather tricky.In the year 2002 when I graduated from my college I used to think “information” (read bookish) is strength.This is one of the prime reasons I mugged up Phillip Kotler and knew exactly what to say for every given problem mentioned in that bible of business. My journey post college was full of roller coaster rides , cracking interviews of good companies and not making it till the final round.

This continued for quite a long time and in these years I had already started thinking what exactly is the reason of my failure. I had amazing communication skills, pleasant personality, good CGPA what is the reason I am not making it through?

Didn’t get any clarity until I once observed how our Strengths give birth to our weaknesses. That’s why I said its tricky. Okay lets talk about this for awhile . you may think you are hardworking and project it all over your circles as your Strength and one fine day you get employed too , now what happens is since you are Hardworking you always take too much on your platter and then you become workaholic.

Anyone who has been in the corporate knows that how important it is to “get along with people”. Here you have already been tagged as someone buried  in the cubicle. Down goes your chances of being promoted as your social engagement is low !

“Real strength is one that comes handy when you are in difficult time”~ Anonymous guy is Me.

Life is not straight for 99.99% of us,the remaining .01% are Gods own child so , no need to mess with them. lets focus on the majority here .We gotta understand one thing here what we think about strength should be matched with the another dimension of life and that’s called the Phase. Are you going through a rough patch ? or life is really a Silk route for you !

In these 2 cases your perceived strengths will be different.Idea is to know the real self , I mean you are not some company or something and SWOT is not a balance sheet kind of thing which usually reflects your assets and liabilities as on date so and so … Hope you got the idea .

In coming blogs I will talk about our own unique SWOT model which is way too different than conventional models. Thanks for listening to me this long .

Please drop your comments ,criticism , hugs , kicks whatever you feel like in the box below . I appreciate honesty in all shapes, forms and manner .

– RisingAbhi


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