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Think Studio is an Ed-Tech Firm ,We are actively engaged in spreading 21st Century Skills and E-Learning and are proud partners of Worlds Leading companies McKinsey & Co. and Microsoft . We enjoy a very strong network of working professionals from various parts of the world like USA , Finland, Dubai,United Kingdom and of course India.

You are not here by an accident. That’s the first thing we want to tell you. Sometimes you bump into something captivating , this is one of those moments.

Think Studio is a Ed-Tech Startup and is proud promoter of 21st Century skills as recommended by WHO(World Health Organization).We are a consultancy firm and specialize in providing a pioneering approach #FINDYOURGREATNESS

Two areas we focus on are : Originality & Clarity. We have spent years (Read 15+ Years) in the corporate word , on the streets , at the tea stall , railway stations , with the CEO’s at the bar, while drunk or while sober , at the river banks , and yes even at the public toilets …trying to understand the concept of Originality and Clarity .

Our journey is not glamorous , we don’t have a venture capitalist and none of us Abhishek Vidyarthi or Anand Singh believe we need that . We started our journey by doing free consulting for people from various walks of life be it Lawyers , Entrepreneurs , Housewives , teachers and students . What was Clear to us was slowly being shared with these Risk takers .Watch out how small girl learned amazing Clarity .Click Here.


We call it Life. I don’t know how you all look at it , for us , Life is a circle and each arc looks like a straight path ! Here is what we do

  • We are helping Individuals/Students/Businessmen find their Natural Talent by using our Software and “Big Five Test”
  • Think Studio is a “Dynamic program” for School students caters to following skills development :
  • Critical Thinking
  • Connect with past ( Science behind Yantra, Fibonacci Series,Golden Ratio, Quadratic equations etc)
  • Creativity
  • Problem Based learning
  • Robotics and Coding ,App Development,IOT,Ethical Hacking
  • Team work and Collaboration
  • Leadership Skills
  • Interviews/Case Studies
  • STEM based projects(EdgeRank,Networking,Google Cardboard,quad Copter etc)
  • Technical knowledge in domains like (Social Media Algorithm,Nano technology,Cryptocurrency,Hash generation,Data Mining)
  • We prepare students for tomorrow by sharing with them the real world scenarios.(Business Case studies and Psychological Barriers)
  • Finally we give Clarity to all who come in contact with us , it doesn’t matter if you are 5 years old or 70 years old.

In this blog you will find some mind bending and strangest talks hitting on your face . Whether you THINK or don’t THINK its just a matter of time and we are not in any hurry Help us fight Mediocrity , Hypocrisy and double standards prevalent in our society.


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